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In the present day competitive world of highly volatile markets where uncertainty prevails, RISKS are inherent in any business.

The rapid expansion of the industry over the past decade caused a short supply of officers. The need to fill the gap led to drastic measures such as; the dilution of selection criteria, reduced training durations & much faster promotions. These measures to compensate for the shortage of officers have resulted in a shortage of skilled and experienced officers afloat and superintendents ashore. The situation is HAZARDOUS.

The financial situation of the past two years has devastated business world over. The markets have become more competitive and volatile than they ever were. Not only have the profits shrunk, but businesses have closed down. Well known names have disappeared. International trade has suffered. There are more ships afloat than required. The environment is HOSTILE.

The precise probability of a specific eventuality resulting from the interaction of existing hazards with prevalent environment denotes the quantitative element of risk. The qualitative element of risk is the measure of perceived undesirability of such eventuality.

The consequences of Marine casualties are often devastating. The impact extends to the larger segment of societies and even has the potential to precipitate down the generations.

Shipping is a very complex integration and a delicate balance of several diverse business processes. The RISKS in shipping are further compounded by the effect of multidirectional interactions between the RISKS associated with each one of these processes.

RISKS cannot always be eliminated, but can definitely be mitigated through the effective implementation of appropriate controls and a pro-active approach.

We do not offer standard off the shelf products. We work closely with our clients to provide them customized solutions for assessing and mitigating the RISKS associated with the business activities they undertake. Our team of trained and experienced professionals can be mobilized rapidly in any part of the world at the shortest notice. We ensure effective utilization of the time on the job to carry out an in-depth study of our client’s business requirements to analyze their risk exposure. Based on the assessment we identify appropriate control measures to mitigate the RISKS our clients business is exposed to. We provide un-biased factual information in the form of comprehensive and knowledgeable reports to our clients to give a clear view of their risk exposure. We promptly provide our clients with proposals for effective management of the available resources. We advise our clients on required additional resources for effective mitigation of identified RISKS. We provide services to implement control measures and monitor effectiveness thereof. Given the present day volatility, we keep the process dynamic and are highly adaptable to changes in the circumstances. We maintain close communication with our clients to keep them appraised at all times of all developments.