In today's maritime scenario, the commercial success of a vessel is dependent on various factors, including market conditions, physical condition of the ship and the management systems. Ship owners and managers have little or no control over the market conditions. However, what they do have control over is how well the asset value of the vessel is maintained by the shore based and shipboard management. Condition Assessment of vessels prior to purchase, technical management or chartering has become vital to get an all round evaluation of the prospective vessel which in turn is vital to ensure trouble free commercial operations to consistently meet the demands of the charter party terms.

AASTHAA MARINE SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED offers cost-effective and quick placement of inspectors, at a short notice in any parts of the world providing skilled independent assessments and support to assist you evaluate the physical condition of your vessel and the effectiveness of the management systems. Our experience, together with standardized reporting procedures, guarantees superior services to get a comprehensive picture of the vessel through our vessel assessment program. We outline the necessary improvement solutions enabling you to make strategic decisions not only to keep your vessel fully operational and compliant with applicable rules and regulations but also implement the best practices of the industry and extend the life of your asset.

We undertake the following types of inspections:
  • Pre-purchase inspection.
  • Condition Evaluation Inspection.
  • Pre-vetting / Pre-CDI Inspection.
  • Safety / Security Assessment Inspection.