Accidents and incidents result in enormous repercussions ranging from financial losses, diminished earnings and huge expenses. Nevertheless what is of far more concern is that reputations are lost and reliability questioned. Shipping is a business surrounded by hazards and accident prevention is an ongoing exercise. When an accident, incident or undesirable event occurs, immediate corrective measures to contain the damage are vital. Equally important is a follow-up investigation for getting to the root of the problem. Learning from accidents when they happen is an important step in accident prevention to prevent recurrence thereof.

AASTHAA MARINE SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED mobilizes resources world-wide at the shortest notice to provide rapid assistance to help mitigate the losses through appropriate contingency actions, ensuring optimum utilization of all available resources.

We provide a set of skilled and unbiased eyes to undertake a thorough investigation into the events prior to the incident, examining the various contributory factors from all aspects to carry out an in-depth study to analyze the root cause of the incident. Having understood the root cause of the incident, we endeavour to identify adequate preventive measures to avoid repetition of similar incidents.

We go a step further by assisting with effective implementation of the identified preventive measures. The preventive measures could involve provision of additional resources, additional training, procedural changes etc. We assist our clients all the way by not only identifying the requirements but also making available the required resources and information. Our follow-up services to monitor effectiveness of the implemented preventive measures and effecting changes or improvements as required ensure a complete solution.