Our Services
AASTHAA MARINE SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED provides consultancy services customised to suit individual requirements of each client. If you are a ship-owner or a ship-manager or in any way associated with a ship, we certainly have something to offer you. If your project concerns a ship, we offer practical solutions designed to help evaluate, manage and mitigate your business risks to enhance the performance and profitability of your venture. AASTHAA MARINE SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED provides trained, certified, experienced auditors and inspectors who can be rapidly deployed anywhere on the globe for the following services:
  • Audits of ship-board & shore based management systems against international standards.
  • Consultancy services for development, implementation and improvement of safety, security, environment and resource management systems.
  • Consultancy services for ship-board operations such as cargo planning, cargo handling, tank cleaning, voyage planning, maintenance, repairs, dry-dock and vessel up-gradation.
  • Pre-vetting & Pre-CDI inspections aimed at preparing the vessels for actual Oil Major Vetting and CDI Inspections.
  • Vessel condition assessment inspections for various purposes such as pre-purchase, up-gradation etc.
  • Accident / incident investigations, damage assessment and root cause analysis.
  • Guidance for Loss Prevention, Risk Evaluation, Risk Management and Risk Mitigation.
  • Supervision of Repairs & Maintenance (including dry-dock and under-water repairs).
  • Shipboard and shore-based training in various safety, security, environmental, operational and management aspects.